NieR Automata: Once In A While, It Pays To Be Bored

Not sure how we missed such a great game, but problem solved!

The game we almost missed, and we’re damn glad we didn’t.

Every once in a while, it pays to be bored. A few weeks ago, while doing some research for a cosplay article, I kept stumbling across pictures of a character named 2B. Granted, it’s a completely awesome costume, but I’d never heard of this character before. It happens a lot in Anime. There’s a boatload of fantastic stuff that I have no idea about. However, this 2B was from a video game. I love video games. So, I did a tiny amount of research and stumbled across an absolute gem! NeiR: Automata.

Released by Square Enix in February of 2017, I think this game snuck by almost everyone. I’m here to tell you to go out and grab a copy and pop it in the ol’ PS4 and enjoy the ride.

It’s all good.

The Story? Check. Who doesn’t like shooting up robots and saving the world? Plus, there are plenty of plot twists along the way to keep you guessing.

The Combat? It’s pretty much the usual, but with a couple interesting and fun twists. (Upgrading weapons and gear is pretty simple, and we though it was cool to have a ranged attack built into a normal melee system) Normally I’m not a fan of “let’s use every button on the controller” but in this case it works.

The Artwork? It’s wonderful. Granted, I’m already a fan on anime. In my opinion, it’s some of the MOST underrated art today. Just the landscapes alone make this game worth the trip. But the character design and look of the whole experience of NieR is top notch.

The Quirky FUN? Here’s where it gets really good. NeiR is an insane hybrid of “Top Down shooters” “Side Scrollers” and traditional “Third Person Shooters”. Imagine Link from Zelda, Super Mario and Metroid had a baby and they put it in an open world. That’s kinda what NieR: Automata is. It’s gorgeous, fun, quirky and challenging all at the same time. So do yourself a favor and pick up what I feel is one of the most overlooked games of the last few years.

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(Just remember: I’m a PS4 guy.)


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