Nexus, a Novel -- Nexus versus Gourmando - by Mike Baron and Steve…

Paul Hair

Nexus, a Novel -- Nexus versus Gourmando - by Mike Baron and Steve Rude. From the Kickstarter description:

We are raising funds to publish a science fiction novel based on the popular Nexus comic book. I created Nexus with Steve Rude in 1981.

Nexus, the Cosmic Avenger, faces Gourmando, a vast, alien entity that consumes civilizations. Its herald Gnosis swoops the cosmos on a silver board seeding worlds to make them edible. While Gourmando threatens Nexus' home planet Ylum, Nexus is on Earth executing mass murderers. This is his job. Torn between his duties and the survival of his planet, Nexus must reach deep within himself to save Ylum. The novel is loosely based on a storyline I worked out with Steve Rude, which will be published next year by Dark Horse. The novel is different from the graphic novel, and covers Ylum and its colorful cast of characters in much greater depth. Years ago, Rude asked me what Nexus story I would most like to pursue. Nexus versus Galactus, I said. Marvel owns Galactus, so we created our own planet-devouring monster. . . .

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