New Trailer for 'Zombieland: Double Tap' [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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For real. What was that? Sure all our favorites are back, but what in the hell are they doing? It's a zombie comedy! Cool! Then they go to the White House? Okaaaaay. Uh oh. Looks like we're gonna learn about how bad Republicans are (note the Obama "Hope" poster).

Hollywood, I'm begging you. Get politics OUT of your movies. Just for a while. You are KILLING entertainment. There is no shortage of "woke" SJW movies. Stop. Take a knee. The audience has had enough. We cannot take more.

Maybe the filmmakers know this too, because the trailer makes a hard turn into romantic comedy with the introduction of Ditzy Blonde Girl and Stoner Dude.

OK, so now it's not a zombie shoot em' up comedy. It's a political romantic comedy. But wait! Here come more characters...we get to meet the zany people who are just like the main characters! It's another version of "Tallahassee" and an alternate version of "Columbus."

It's eerily close to a bad story pitch of a sitcom in season 6. When the writers are stuck. "What if they meet versions of...themselves?"

Been there. Seen that. Can we please do something original? Please?

The first Zombieland was a blast! Maybe I'm asking too much. But as long as I'm asking, can we please, please, PLEASE get some Bill Murray? Just a couple scenes. Do THAT and we're all good. I swear.

-- The Mgmt

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