NEW Tarzan Story Coming Soon from Cirsova Magazine!

Paul Hair

UPDATE, 1/23/2019: I originally wrote that the Spring 2019 issue of Cirsova Magazine would be available on March 19. That was an error on my part. It will be available on March 15 and I have updated the post below to reflect this.

Via me at Hollywood in Toto:

Edgar Rice Burroughs died in 1950, so you wouldn’t think he’d have any unpublished stories left.

But you’d be wrong.

Years ago, his estate uncovered a story the creator of Tarzan had partially written. After an amazing journey, including a time when the original manuscript was thought destroyed in a fire, someone finally completed this authorized story.

Cirsova Magazine (pronounced with a hard Latin “C”) will feature “Young Tarzan and the Mysterious She” by Burroughs and Michael Tierney in its Spring 2019 issue, available March 15.

The story follows Tarzan as he ponders his nature among his ape family. He soon learns of another light-skinned person living among the Gomangani tribes.

HiT had the chance to speak with P. Alexander, the founder of Cirsova, and talk with him about the story behind the story. We also discussed his publication, a throwback to pulp magazines of days gone by. . . .

Read the entire interview at Hollywood in Toto.