New Steve Rude Artwork for Forthcoming Nexus Novel

Paul Hair

On Jan. 17, Mike Baron tweeted an image of Steve Rude artwork with the comment, “GOURMANDO IS COMING.” The artwork features superhero Nexus (created by Baron and Rude) in the foreground and the looming (presumably) Gourmando behind him. The artwork is undoubtedly tied to the forthcoming novel that author Baron has been working on.

The Loftus Party posted “Mike Baron Announces More Adventures for Superhero Nexus!” on Dec. 12, 2018. In the post, we linked to a video he and his wife, Ann, uploaded to YouTube. At or around the 1:30 mark, Baron talked about the Nexus novel and how the plot will feature the superhero facing off against Gourmando, which Baron described as a Galactus-like character.

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Header Image: Steve Rude artwork via Mike Baron’s Twitter account.