New 'Aquaman' trailer is here. Are you feeling it? Cause I'm not.

Thoughts on the new 'Aquaman' movie trailer

Warner Bros. has a problem. I've watched the latest trailer for Aquaman The Movie twice, and I'm less than impressed.

It just doesn't seem like this movie knows what it is yet. I'm sure the powers that be are still testing it for audiences and making edits, last minute changes etc. But the finished product is pretty much done. I think they have a turd on their hands. REALLY hope I'm wrong...but it looks like a fiesta of turdiness. I want DC and Warner Bros. to succeed. At some point they should make a good comic book movie. According to the Law of Averages, they should have made one by accident by now (I'm not counting Chris Nolan Batman movies. They kind of seem like their own thing, and not part of the DC universe. Nolan had NOTHING to do with Aquaman…be afraid. Be very afraid.)

So I'm pulling for Aquaman. Watched the trailer TWICE!! I don't get it. Here's a brief list of my "WTF?" Moments:

Nichole Kidman? Huh? Why?

Horrible jokes.

Forced Aquaman cussing.... (We GET it! You want him to be edgy!)

TONS of bad CGI. Too much for one article. Let me say this: Robot Sea Turtle. I'm OUT!

Dudes riding CGI sharks. Normally? I'd have a boner, but this was too much.

Bizarre roof top chase, followed by more forced humor.

That one girl's RED hair. I know I'm nit-picking but DAMN! That shit was over the top.

Too many stories. It's an origin story. It's a fight to see who will be leader of Atlantis story. It's a love story. It's a Save the World story. STOP! Pick ONE and focus.

I really could go on and on, but I'll let you judge. Watch the trailer and let me know in the comments below.

I CAN say this though. At the end of the trailer? When they reveal the "Classic" Aquaman look? That was pretty fuckin' sweet. Gotta give credit for that. Very cool. Let's make a movie about THAT!

Michael Loftus is a geek/comedian/writer. He loves Comic Books and Video Games. He tries not to be negative. It's just SO HARD!