Music for Writing: ‘Pants’ by Stephen Limbaugh

Paul Hair

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Listening to instrumental music stimulates creativity, or so it’s been commonly said. It seems to help me when I write. And Pants, an album of classical music by Stephen Limbaugh, has become one of the latest works I’ve bought and added to my playlist.

Published in 2015 and featuring 9 tracks at 38 minutes, Pants is an easy and quick listen. It’s all original music composed and played by Limbaugh on a piano. One of the reasons it has quickly become one of my favorites is because it only features a piano. There’s nothing wrong with sweeping, full orchestral scores, but there’s something particularly focusing about just a piano playing while I write.

So if you’re looking for some classical piano music, check out Limbaugh’s website for where you can buy Pants and more of his work. And check out the Q&A I previously did with him here at The Loftus Party.

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