More Nerd Boners for Star Wars Squadrons! Take My Money! [VIDEO]

Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay is INCREDIBLE
Star Wars Squadrons Gameplay is INCREDIBLE

Star Wars Squadrons gameplay just released with new details about starfighters, customisation, singleplayer, multiplayer gameplay, and more. For Star Wars Sq...

Michael Loftus

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October 2nd, 2020. That's really all that matters to me now. Did you see the video? This is the reason for VR. ( of the reasons.) Flying around in the Star Wars Universe and battling it out. Bring it! And all with VR!

If you don't have a VR headset? Get one. We highly recommend PlayStation. That's what we got and it's worth it. Add THIS game into the mix and it's a must.

Big shout to EA for listening to the fans and having ZERO micro-transactions in Star Wars Squadrons. You unlock abilities and ships through playing the game NOT with a pile of cash. As it should be.

We CANNOT WAIT for this one!

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