Mick Jagger Talks Smack about Trump. We Wish Mick Was Still a Rebel. [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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We love Mick and the boys too much to be crazy harsh with 'em. Jagger recently made some comments about the president at the Venice Film Festival. Meh. No big deal. Although it makes us long for the days when Mick was on the outside looking in.

Everybody gets older. Maybe everybody thinks they get wiser. Who knows? We just think it'd be cool if Mick still had a little rebel left inside. Maybe it was inevitable. Dude just slowed down. Can't really blame him. But come on...how cool would it be if Mick was a full on Trump supporter? It'd be completely badass! I kinda think Mick has become the thing he used to loathe. The dude who just recites talking points and doesn't want to rock the boat or make enemies.

Oh well, not gonna lose any sleep over it. The Stones are in my personal Hall of Fame. So on that note I present to you a track from one of the best live albums of ALL TIME: Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! The song is "Sympathy For The Devil" and it also features one of THE BEST solos ever recorded! (I won't budge on this one.)

Mick Taylor just destroys it. If ever you plan to play music loudly, this is the time. Mick Taylor's guitar solo should be played at a level that makes the windows shake. Do it! Crank it up. Your neighbors will not only forgive you. They will thank you!

-- The Mgmt

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