Michael reviews Spider-Man for the PS4 and flips out!

Michael Loftus

I'm gonna try to keep this short and sweet...

The good peeps at Insomniac games did it. They made a close to perfect Spider-Man game. I'm gonna do my due diligence and try to find some flaws, but as I write this, it's gonna be hard to find something to bitch about.

This game is fantastic. It's fun, its gorgeous, the physics are great, the mechanics are spot on and did I mention it's gorgeous? And fun?

I'm not sure who made the call to go with Insomniac Games to develop this latest version of a Wall Crawler video, but it paid off bigly! Insomniac has just the right tone here. These peeps also made the "Ratchet & Clank" series and one of my favorites, "Spyro"! (yes. am old school.) Not necessarily open world masterpieces, but great games. With an optimistic sense of fun built in. And that's exactly what they brought to Spider-Man. God Bless em'.

You can make the immediate comparison to The Batman, Arkham series. Yes, its a big open world and you're beating up bad guys, chasing down super villians, (Combat in Spider-Man IS kind of similar) But that's where the similarities end. As dark and brooding as Batman is? Spider-Man is a fun fueled joyride. Without getting silly. The tone here is just perfect.

And there is so much fun to be had! I'd played the game for a few minutes, learning to swing between the buildings of Manhattan, and defeating my first Boss, Kingpin. Pretty solid boss fight too. Kingpin ain't a push-over and I had to change my combat style from a "stand there and slug it out" to "get on the walls and use your Spidey skills, you dumbass". Things were going great. I could swing, I could fight, I could go forward with confidence to the next mission. That's when things went off the rails. In the best way possible.

On my way to my next mission I got distracted...by New York. I was in full tourist mode and loving it. They have crafted a flat out beautiful, stunning, glorious version of Manhattan and I'm fucking Spider-Man!! It's AWESOME!! I spent an hour just sightseeing! I found The Avengers Tower and climbed that thing! Went to the top of the Chrysler building too! Fantastic! (And I fought some small time crooks along the way.) It was on my way to the top of the Empire State Building that I discovered "Selfie-Mode". On the observation deck a tourist whipped out his phone to take a pic of Spider-Man. Nice touch. Then I wondered if I could take pics too... you can. It's awesome! See that pic down there? I took that! HA! Check it out! Central Park in the background and the Chrysler Building, its gorgeous! I'm not gonna go on about pixels and shit like that, but you can see forever! The horizon line is really close to reality. Amazing.

You can spend a lot of time in selfie mode. There's boatloads of adjustments, filters, stickers etc. It delights me WAY too much. I legit wanna swing around the city, find my old apartment, take a pic and post it. Doc Octopus is gonna have to wait. It's a perfect day in the city. For real. Most of the action takes place in the perfect time of day, and it's just beautiful. I could sit on top of the Freedom Tower and watch the sunrise. (I'm GONNA do that, BTW) And let's not overlook the sound on this bad-boy. It's stellar as well. Just listen to your footsteps as you run up the side of a building. Do It! Concrete, glass and steel sound different. As well they should. Wonderful! And make sure you check out the J.J. Jameson podcast that's in the game. Thought I might get tired of it, but so far...no. Highly entertained by the sound alike from the Tobey Maguire movies.

Speaking of which, there's a way to do the "Finger gun" point as you make your way through the city. It's a huge shout out to Spider-Man 3 and I love it! FUN!

So the game is a blast. I'm gonna jump back in and actually fight some bad guys. You're gonna wanna buy this one, kids. Like today. It's a huge world, looks like there's tons of story and missions, side-quests, upgrades, special suits. There's tons and I want to savor every moment of it. I pre-ordered the game and got access to the Spidey Suit from The Avengers. The one Iron Man gave Tom Holland... the one with the robot arms... Holy crap! It looks awesome. I also want to get the Steam Punk Spidey outfit, it looks amazing as well. I'm digging this game, you guys!!

Now I said I'd find something to bitch about, so I will. It's petty but here goes. Some of the standard street crimes feel a bit redundant. Just the actual fights. Maybe for the sequel they can mix em up a tad. But that's it. That is seriously my only beef with Spider-Man.

This game is a winner winner chicken dinner! Go get you some! I'm gonna award it: 9.5 Tiger-heads outta 10. that's pretty friggin good!

What do YOU think? Have you played? Am I being a jerk? Let a brother know in the comment section below!