Meet Brian Haner: Guitarist, Comedian and Part of The Loftus Party Live Show!

Michael Loftus

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Chances are you're already familiar with Brian's work. As one of the top session players in LA, you've been listening to him crush it on guitar for years.

But that's not enough.

Dude is also a hilarious stand up and has toured the globe slinging his one of kind jokes.

Hmmm, but does he write books? YES! It's disgusting. Over-achiever much? Somebody has issues. We kid because we're jealous.

Well, Brian is going on the road with The Loftus Party Live show and we couldn't be happier! As one of 3 headliners on the show we feel there's a good chance we could spontaneously learn another language JUST by hanging out with this dude.

He's fantastic and you're gonna dig it. Trust us on this one.

For dates and tickets check out the links on our tour page.

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