Marvel at the Original Silver Screen Captain America—from 1944! [VIDEO]

Captain America Serial 1944 - Trailer
Captain America Serial 1944 - Trailer

Paul Hair

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Hollywood's love affair with superheroes isn’t a new thing. It’s been going on for a looong time. There were at least three comic book superheroes adapted as serials during the Golden Age: Superman, Captain Marvel, and Captain America. Republic released the Captain America serial in 1944. Above is the trailer for that.

Yesterday, I posted a link to an image from another Republic serial: Perils of Nyoka. Kay Aldridge portrayed the title character, and Lorna Gray portrayed a supporting one. I checked out Lorna Gray’s page on IMDB and learned she starred in the Captain America serial. So that’s the story of why you’re seeing the trailer today.

Hope you enjoy it.

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