March Music Madness: Genre Mashups [VIDEOS]

Lisa Tate

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March isn't just blowing in like a lion this year, it's blasting in with some crazy weather and a party atmosphere. Surely this kind of madness could result in some unusual couplings..that just may work.

Before the wild times and wicked weather fade out, here's a look at some musical acts who have taken some serious risks to blend musical styles.

Here's what happens when opposites attract:

Bluegrass + Hip-Hop = Gangstagrass:

It was a Brooklyn-based producer called Rench who came up with the idea of bringing these two sounds together in 2006.

The first song I heard from them was "Barn Burning," but they are better know for their song "Long Hard Times to Come," which served as the theme for FX series, Justified:

Drugstore Cowboy + Ethereal Psychedelia = Orville Peck:

Peck describes himself as a "psychedelic outlaw cowboy (who) croons love and loss from the badlands of North America" and that about sums up his sound well. It doesn't prepare you for his Roy Rogers meets a masked leather male dominatrix appearance.

It's as if David Lynch decided to create a hero for a new movie musical after staying up all night. Peck's appearance demands some double takes, but his voice demands some serious respect.

I'm going to be witnessing this man's music live when he opens for Lord Huron in my city soon. I'm looking forward to entering his weirdly dreamlike world.

His single, "Dead of Night," is shot in Nevada's Chicken Ranch...yes, that Chicken Ranch.

EDM + Celtic = The Sidh:

The Sidh is a supernatural race in Gaelic folklore, and this band bearing its name boasts being "one of the most clicked Celtic Bands of 2018." They're actually based in Saint-Denis, France (according the their Facebook) and got a boost appearing on Italia's Got Talent, so they sure aren't roped into any cultural boundaries.

They've amassed millions of views for songs like "Nitro" and "Iridium" from their top selling album Another Way to Fly. It's not hard to see why. They're lively, fun, and have successfully brought the bagpipes to the electronic music stage.

With St. Patrick's Day coming up I chose their hit "Iridium" as the video lead-in for this story, but their "Shake That Bagpipe," filmed in bandmember Sal's living room, is just good fun:

Mongolian Folk + Metalcore = Liberation:

At first, I admit the language threw me off, but their sound really rocks. I normally don't like the death metal voice droning, but they make it work.

Metal fans will appreciate how their Mongolian influence doesn't become a gimmick, either, and helps spice up the sound. Their single, "Hope" is getting some attention, right now. Take a listen:

Chemical Brothers + John Williams = Party Ben:

I'll end this list with one of the original mashup artists, Party Ben. This San Francisco DJ creates actual "mashups," fusing two songs together to create a new Frankensong with an EDM edge.

Some of his more popular work includes the fusion of Green Day and Oasis, as well as mixing Queen with Daft Punk.

To really get sense of how far this artist will reach to bring two completely different artists together, here's Galvanize the Empire:

The March winds are still blowing, am I'm certain other musical mashups are out there waiting to be discovered.

Dive in.

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