Mama Mia! It's the Queen Movie!!!

Stacey Lennox

I still remember my first exposure to Queen as a kid. It looked something like this:

I remember the album belonged to someone's older sister, but much like the first time I saw KISS spit blood while scrolling through my grandmother's cable box in the early days of HBO, I was intrigued. These two facts alone may explain why I think Fargo is one of the funniest movies ever and why I spend a ton of money going to see men with long hair play really loud music in spandex. I'm an original heavy metal girl and cried when Headbanger's Ball was cancelled.

BUT THE QUEEN MOVIE IS COMING! I don't care what you say, Freddie Mercury had one of the most amazing voices to ever grace a stage and the band's performances were just exquisite. Just the montage in this trailer makes me think how much I wish Queen was still gracing stages like Elton John, The Rolling Stones and Aerosmith among others.

The movie takes the band from there formation through their show stopping performance at Live Aid in 1985. It begins with Freddie Mercury's all to early death and is narrated by Brian May beginning when the two met in art school.

Rami Malek looks like a very convincing Freddie Mercury in the trailer. Getting the iconic frontman right will be difficult, but I like what I see here. And even Mike Myers is appearing in an undisclosed role. Makes sense. Wayne and Garth reintroduced Queen to a whole new generation of viewers:

NO DOUBT I will be seeing this on opening day. Reviews of the script are fantastic and hint at some deeply personal content regarding Mercury. The Instagram posts from the movie could have been taken in the '80's. Great script, spot on lead character and visual extravagance? I'm all in. Bohemian Rhapsody opens in the U.S. on November 2nd.