Mac Miller's 'What's the Use?' [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Stumbled across this track the other day on Twitter of all places. People were posting about Mac on the anniversary of his album Swimming. His last before his death. Here's the drag: I became an instant fan. Dude was talented. Like really, really talented and now he's gone. So, I'm on the Mac Miller bandwagon. Wish there was more. It's all very sad. Thanks for the tunes, Mac.

Not sure if you've noticed but The Mgmt isn't locked into one style of music. If it's good? We dig it.

What are you listening to? Share that shit! Post it right here on the site. Maybe we can turn some people on to something THEY will really dig!

There are no wrong answers! Wooooooooo! Haters are gonna hate. Screw em'.

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