‘Logan’ Trailer Presents First Look at Hugh Jackman’s Final Turn as Wolverine

Paul Hair

Wolverine, X-Men, and Hugh Jackman fans will be excited with the arrival of the first trailer for Logan, the final (supposedly) appearance of Hugh Jackman as mutant Wolverine.

Set to Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt,” the nearly two-minute-long trailer shows a story that appears to be different than any previous X-Men movie. The R-rated film looks like it will be darker than any previous entry and may have a closer-to-reality feel than the previous ones as well.

Diehard fans can dissect the trailer to find hidden gems and figure out what the storyline might be (such as how the girl in the trailer figures into the plot). But here are two things that really stuck out to me (with a third minor thing I’ll mention at the end).

First, Johnny Cash’s rendition of “Hurt” is a great selection to overlay with the trailer. That song comes off Cash’s, American IV: The Man Comes Around, album. And it is a phenomenal one.

I don’t buy much music. And it’s even rarer that I have ever bought a complete album. But I bought American IV: The Man Comes Around and it was well worth it. And while people enjoy “Hurt” and its accompanying music video, the best song on the album is by far track one: “The Man Comes Around.”

The theological meaning of “The Man Comes Around” combined with the way Cash imparts the inevitable Judgment Day for evildoers is chilling. I never tire of listening to the song.

Nevertheless, choosing “Hurt” was more appropriate for the Logan trailer.

The second thing that really stuck out to me about the trailer is how it appears to live up to expectations that it will be a very adult film. Hardcore fans loves this. Okay. But Wolverine’s origins are as a children’s comic book character. And kids still love to see him. Is it really a good idea to take a children’s character and make such an adult movie about him?

I understand the concept of making entertainment—even literature—for adults. But why not create original characters for this purpose instead of repurposing children’s characters?

Regardless, most people will likely overlook this and it probably won’t impact whether they choose to see Logan.

Finally, for my third and minor point, I like Logan’s hair in Logan much better than it has previously been portrayed. Yes, I realize the horn hair in the other X-Men films is an homage to his comic book roots, but I still always thought it looked bad. So, good job on the hair.

Logan is currently set to premier in U.S. theaters on March 3, 2017.