Lets reboot Transformers, starting with The Bumblebee Movie. It might not suck.

Michael Loftus

Here's an idea for Paramount pictures:

Just start over. After watching the latest trailer for the Bumblebee movie, in theaters this Christmas, it hit me... Just start over. The latest installment to the Transformers franchise is a giant flashback flick. This is the story of how it all started. How Bumblebee became Earths hero and defender back in the 80's. I liked it. OLD SCHOOL Bumblebee. The VW Beetle, baby!! Now, they've figured out the special effects ages ago, and the thing that most of the Transformer movies lacked, HEART, this clip has in spades! So lets do it! Reboot the whole franchise!

We have watched The Transformers movies get worse and worse over the years. What started off with such promise has become a mish mash of meaningless images and robot fights. To say they have lost their way is putting it lightly. The story's are flat out insane, and beloved caracters are being killed left and right for no good reason. It doesn't even advance the plot. It's as if the director (Michael Bay) looked at a chart and said: "We want the audience to be sad here, so lets kill Ironhide." For real. It's that bad.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Michael Bay doesn't like the Transformers. Deep down he's not a fan. Supposedly Steven Spielberg had to beg him to direct the first installment. Had to BEG! That speaks volumes. But it's also good news for the Bumblebee Movie. No Michael Bay. If you don't dig the source material, it's gonna suck. End of story.

And Bumblebee is directed by relative newcomer Travis Knight, who made his debut with "Kubo and the Two Strings". Kubo was a critical hit because it was shot well and it had... HEART! An emotion element that has been sorely lacking in the Transformers universe. So hurray! Lets keep hope alive. If Travis can bring that same spirit to Bumblebee? Keep going! I will gladly forget every other flick in this jacked up franchise. Good luck, Transformers. I love ya. ROLL OUT!