LEAK!! Official Video CONFIRMS New Destination in Upcoming Destiny DLC Release!

Destiny 2 - Season 11 Leak Trailer!? WHATS HAPPENING?!
Destiny 2 - Season 11 Leak Trailer!? WHATS HAPPENING?!

#Season11 #Leak Destiny 2 - Season 11 Leak Trailer! ►TWITCH: https://www.twitch.tv/cloudplays_yt Credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqtc3AAqEhs&t=609 ►J...

Leo Loftus

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Earlier today, a Destiny fan named MoreConsole noticed something odd about Destiny's official Instagram. A new teaser had been uploaded! He quickly linked the original post and posted it to his Twitter to notify his thousands of followers about this new development. Since then, the video has been uploaded to YouTube by fans.

The video in question shows Destiny character Eris Morn struggling to traverse a snowy, windy environment. The camera pans up to reveal...yup!--the next planet in the Destiny franchise is none other than the infamously cold and windy Europa! The video then fades out, showing only a date and time for which Bungie plans to do a live stream, revealing even more about this mysterious upcoming expansion. That date and time is next week, Tuesday June 9th, at 6pm CEST. Make sure to tune into that stream to catch all there is to catch about the next chapter in Destiny's long and expanding story!

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