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Lisa Tate

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They’re kneeling at baseball, walking out at women’s basketball, and the NFL, well, it’s going to be about anything but football.

My favorite sport, hockey, is starting up again soon, and if politics of any type make its way into that, I am tossing myself under a Zamboni.

I really don’t care who any professional athlete votes for, nor do I care about their personal political or social causes. Sports events should only have two sides for the spectators to choose…the home team or the visitors. That’s it. That’s the rivalry I want and that’s where I want to pick my battles when I shell out for a ticket or even tune in on my television.

Professional sports should be fun. I want an overly priced hot dog, and a big giant root beer-filled wobbly cup with little waxy chips from the rim floating in the top. I want to yell at my favorite players when they screw up as if we are an old married couple, then collectively jump around and scream with hundreds of strangers when points are made.

If you’re missing the sheer fun sports should be, it’s nice to know there have always been some people out there keeping the sports world fun, by making fun of it.

Bob Menery Sports Recaps

Some of the consistently funny sports spoofs are from the always hilarious Bob Menery, where everything is better with profanity laden color commentary. Give this guy a follow on Instagram or Twitter if you don’t already.

Here’s a short look at baseball in the age of The Rona.

Bad Lip Reading

For a few years, Bad Lip Reading has exploded on YouTube by reinventing commentary in sports, entertainment, and politics. One recent installment is their NFL 2020 football compilation they did in February of this year, before things got too weird. If you can make it through the roll call on this without cracking up, you’re a better person than me.

Men on Football’s Super Bowl Special

Back in 1992, sketch show In Living Color aired a Super Bowl Halftime Party as an alternative to the comparatively uninspiring Super Bowl Halftime event offered that year, when “The Team Formerly Known as the Redskins” took on the Buffalo Bills. The highlight was Damon Wayan’s and David Alan Grier’s sports themed version of their campy “Men on...” sketches, “Men on Football.”

Baseball Versus Football

One of comedy legend George Carlin’s funniest bits was the contrast to the upbeat summer fun of baseball and the gritty, mud-covered game of football. Carlin was an equal opportunity offender, and his standup is still the center of controversy 12 years after his death. His shout-out to sports, however, is still a classic.

Professional sports might be the latest corporate entity to invite itself into the political game…without being invited…but thank goodness we can still laugh a little on the field or in the arena.

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George Carlin was the ultimate best when it comes to make fun of something.