Land O’Lakes Cut Its Female Imagery, So I Commissioned My Own

Paul Hair

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Land O’Lakes recently made national news by removing the iconic Indian maiden from its butter packaging, which was largely interpreted as a politically correct decision. Some people jeered it. I did not. Instead, I commissioned a photograph and put together some test artwork of my own. Creating is a lot better than complaining.

There is nothing surprising about Land O’Lakes removing the American Indian woman from its butter packaging. I’m amazed it didn’t happen long ago. I’m also not surprised that people complained about it. But I have no interest in doing the same. I saw the removal as an opportunity to experiment with logo-like artwork of my own.

The image I came up with is just toying around with some ideas. I commissioned performance artist Donna Donatella for the photo and she did a fantastic job with the pose and styling. (Links to her social media at the end of this post.) I threw together the background and slogan. All in all, it’s an entertaining, whimsical piece.

So if you’re tired of a bunch of people tearing down culture and remaking it in their own fashion, and tired of other people complaining about the destruction without ever doing anything about it, follow me. I’m leading in an entirely different direction. I author fiction. And I wouldn’t mind making commissioning art (photos and illustrations) a regular thing too if I can keep my profits growing. In fact, I already have a ton of other artistic ideas in mind.

Thanks again to performance artist Donna Donatella for the photo. You can follow her on the following social media (some NSFW content): Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

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