Kevin James Stars as 'Nazi Fugitive' in 'Becky' [VIDEO]

Paul Hair

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Kevin James stars in the forthcoming movie Becky. It's a role that appears to be a departure from the characters he normally plays. How much of a departure? Here's part of what Jeff Sneider at Collider has to say about it:

I watched the upcoming Kevin James movie Becky the other night and while I remain under embargo, here’s one thing I can tell you strictly as a reporter — per a well-placed source, the initial cut of this movie was rated NC-17. That’s right. Have I got your attention now? . . .

. . . Becky finds lovable sitcom star James playing Dominick, a Nazi fugitive who comes knocking on the door of a remote lake house where Joel McHale‘s character has taken his family for a weekend getaway.

Watch the trailer at the top and head over to Collider to read the rest of what Sneider writes about the movie. Becky is scheduled to be on "VOD platforms on June 5."

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