Jonah Hill Bashes Masculinity; Normalcy

Paul Hair

Via Christian Toto at Hollywood in Toto:

. . . The 35-year-old spoke to a Berlin audience recently while promoting his directorial debut. The conversation veered from “Mid90s” to “Superbad,” his 2007 smash co-starring Michael Cera and Emma Stone. That film featured two high school buds trying to score booze for a killer party.

Hill started by defending the raw banter between the skateboarding characters in “Mid90s.”

“Traditional masculinity was not to show emotion, not to show sensitivity, not to show vulnerability, because it’s ‘feminine’ or, God forbid, ‘gay’ to do so,” he said. “What that does, and what we’ve seen, is that it leads to a lot of horrible behavior, and a lot of bad actions.”

Translation: He’s fully on board with Woke America’s attack on “toxic masculinity.” . . .

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