Jon Del Arroz’s ‘The Blood of Giants’ Debuts This Week

Sequel to young adult, steampunk novel ‘For Steam and Country.’

Jon Del Arroz’s The Blood of Giants is scheduled to be released on Aug. 15. The young adult novel in the steampunk genre is a follow-up to his For Steam and Country.

The Loftus Party has featured Del Arroz’s work on multiple occasions. Coverage included articles on For Steam and Country and his in-progress crowdfunding campaign for Flying Sparks. One of the latest efforts for the prolific author is The Blood of Giants, which is Book 2 in The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle steampunk series.

Here’s a summary he provides for The Blood of Giants on his personal website.

Zaira von Monocle is getting the hang of commanding her airship, when crisis hits her homeland, Rislandia. Caught in a terrible cycle of withdrawal from their power-serum, Wyranth soldiers are ravaging the countryside in a berserk rage. The Grand Rislandian Army has been unable to slow their bloodthirsty advance.

The Wyranth’s serum has its origin in legend, a children’s tale about giants roaming the land of Zenwey, far across the ocean. Zaira must take the Liliana and her crew to this faraway land, in hopes that she might find a cure before the Wyranth take even more lives.

When Zaira arrives on Zenwey, she finds the continent to be a mysterious and hostile environment. She must navigate her way past savage jungle warriors, fantastic creatures and terrors, and evil forces that have flying machines of their own. Before she can try to save Rislandia, she has to survive!

And while The Blood of Giants is the second book in the series, it’s the third book set in The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle universe (something Del Arroz is currently calling his greater world of Rislandia universe). Knight Training is a standalone “novella [that] bridges the gap between books 1 and 2” of The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle.

The Blood of Giants will be available on Amazon when it releases on Aug. 15.

Header Image: Excerpt of cover art from ‘The Blood of Giants.’