Jon Del Arroz’s ‘Flying Sparks: The Meta-Man Special’ Debuts!

The author, along with artist Mike Abuan, just published a 22-page, superhero comic book available on Amazon.

Via Chris Braly at Bleeding Fool:

Flying Sparks: The Meta-Man Special hits Amazon today! Frequent Bleeding Fool contributor Jon Del Arroz says he is using this new comic book project as a market test for distribution without using a crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo. The question is whether or not his comics can sustain themselves without the crowdfund system and people having to pay big amounts to cover the art and distribution costs.

The story is a callback to the silver age-style, superhero adventures and it’s even faster paced than his Flying Sparks comic. . . .

Read the entire column at Bleeding Fool.

Header Image: Excerpt of “Flying Sparks: The Metal Man Special” cover.


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