Jon Del Arroz Busy with ‘Flying Sparks,’ ‘Fight for Rislandia,’ & More

Author working on novels, comic books, and short stories.

Author Jon Del Arroz may not be busier than ever but he certainly must be busy. In addition to working on his Flying Sparks and The Fight for Rislandia stories, hes adapting Richard Foxs The Ember War into a graphic novel, and writing a book set in Vox Days Alt-Hero universe.

Del Arroz provided a Sep. 12 update on the status of four of his projects.

Flying Sparks is done-done-done, he wrote in reference to his crowdfunded comic book about a superheroine and villain in love. The pages are currently being formatted for print, I think Ive finally caught all the typos in it. Itll be nice to get this going. Posters have been printed.

The Fight for Rislandia is the final novel in his The Adventures of Baron Von Monocle trilogy, a young adult steampunk series. He writes that it is being read by a couple folk to check for typos. Its all done should [sic] be released around the end of the month.

On Sep. 15, The Loftus Party covered Del Arroz revealing Graham Nolans cover art for the graphic novel adaptation of Richard Foxs sci-fi novel The Ember War. (See TLP article for details on how it is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo.) Del Arroz is authoring the adaptation while Jethro Morales is illustrating it. This is going to be 120 pages, he writes.

Finally, he provided an update on yet another book he is authoring. Alt-Hero novel is in with Vox for editing, he wrote. Alt-Hero is the universe of superheroes created by author Vox Day.

Thats a lot of work. But it apparently isnt everything Del Arroz is doing. My short story collection is being edited as well, he wrote. And I have several other novels and comics on the backburner at the moment. Hope to get to those soon.