'JOKER' Teaser Trailer Is HERE! We Have Thoughts!

Michael Loftus

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Had to watch this trailer twice. It grows on you. My kneejerk reaction was a flat out rejection of Batman's arch-enemy portrayed in a sympathetic light. Then? I said, "Why not?" Why not have Joker origin story? How did this guy become so twisted? That's when I started to dig it.

Joaquin Phoenix is so talented I would almost watch him read the phone book. However, is this gonna be a hit movie? I doubt it. There are shades of Taxi Driver in here. Did you catch De Niro as the late night talk show host? Pretty cool stuff. Rupert Pupkin made the big time! HA!

Here's the big question: Can audiences get behind a Joker movie without Batman? Not sure if I can. If they can pull of that trick? The Joker WITHOUT Batman? That's gonna need to be a crazy dark thrill ride. Guess we'll have to wait for the next trailer.

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