James Bond 'No Time to Die' Trailer Is Here. Daniel Craig Is a Badass! [VIDEO]

Michael Loftus

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Daniel Craig is the best James Bond so far. Trailed closely by Sean Connery. Everything else is bullshit. If you've read the 007 books you know what I'm talking about. That felt like it needed to be said.

It's gonna be a sad day when Craig isn't doing these anymore. It's gonna hurt. These are by far the grittiest Bond flicks. The closest to the actual character for my money. So big shout out to Daniel Craig and everyone at team Bond for breathing new life into this awesome franchise.

No Time to Die looks like another winner. That's incredible. To consistently come out with great flick after great flick is a BIG deal. Think the only swing and a miss was Quantum of Solace and all the others were pretty damned solid.

No sure what will happen after No Time to Die so let's all make sure to enjoy it. It's like knowing they're gonna close your favorite pizza shop or change the menu. So you better make the most of this one. I gotta feeling it won't get this good again.

-- The Mgmt

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