Iron Harvest - Cinematic Trailer [VIDEO]

Iron Harvest - Official Cinematic Trailer
Iron Harvest - Official Cinematic Trailer

Enjoy this awesome cinematic trailer for Iron Harvest, the self-described "diesel-punk" real-time strategy game, ahead of its open beta kickoff on July 30. T...

Michael Loftus

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Now we're talking. Finally. A game that doesn't look like a reboot or a rip-off. Something that looks original. Iron Harvest, a real time strategy game with a dieselpunk look. Yup. We dig it. I'm a giant steampunk nerd but I'll happily dive into some dieselpunk. Let's go!

Circle Sep. 1 on your calendars cause that's the release date! We're in. I'll be playing on PS4. Skadoosh!

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