'I Wish It Was Christmas Today' When Good Fun Becomes a New Classic! [VIDEO]

I Wish It Was Christmas Today
I Wish It Was Christmas Today

with Jimmy, Horatio and Jules

Michael Loftus

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This is the story of a new Christmas classic. What makes this one special is that it's happening right before you're very eyes. This is "Wish It Was Christmas Today." Now before you get upset, I'm not throwing shade at classics like "White Christmas" or "Silent Night;" those are carved in stone as all time greats. So relax. Love 'em. I also love "Wish It Was Christmas Today."

It's the joy of the thing. In my humble opinion the great Christmas songs have an emotion attached. Some beat you over the head with it. Some are sly and sneak into your heart. For some reason it's usually the sad ones that really get me. "White Christmas?" C'mon. That one will break your heart if you take more than two seconds to think about World War 2 and all the people who were truly praying to live long enough to see one more White Christmas.

That's what makes "Wish It Was Christmas Today" special. The joy! The happiness! On every level. The simplicity of the song. The lack of crazy good musical talent. It doesn't matter! It's infectious Christmas Cheer!

When the skit premiered on SNL in 2000 Horatio Sanz, Jimmy Fallon, Chris Kattan and Tracey Morgan muscled through it. They just plowed ahead and kept having fun! The chord changes aren't good. The singing is less than great but the joy is infectious! So infectious that they just kept performing it year after year! They got a little better. Added some new lyrics and people dug it. It finally reached a point where Julian Casablancas from "The Strokes" covered it. Guess what? It's a really great song that deserves to be played loud.

We're a long way from four goofballs on SNL playing a silly song. It's 2019 and "Wish It Was Christmas Today" just keeps getting better! Every single time I hear it. Any version will do.

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Lisa Tate
Lisa Tate


This still cracks me up...so simple and funny!