I want to love Adam Sandler but he makes it so hard.

Like a difficult relative, I love Sandler but just don't love being around him.

Sandler movies are dumb and bittersweet, both of which I mean in the best possible way. His particular brand of comedy, besides the mentally challenged man-child one he rode to fame on, is the light and family centered comedy.

But something often seems a little off. It's as if the movie is just trying too hard. I feel like am applauding what it could have been. The most recent Netflix comedies; Sandly Wexler, The Cobbler and his latest release, The Week Of have all the elements for an enduring comedy; talented actors, good story lines and an undercurrent of sentimental schmaltz.

Sandler has proven his comedic and dramatic chops in The Wedding Singer and Spanglish respectively. So it is baffling that the last several times out his movies have swung and missed.

I first noticed this trend in what should have been the comedic classic of the decade, Grown Ups. Look at the cast; Chris Rock, David Spade, Maya Rudolph, Colin Quinn, Tim Meadows and Kevin James. With this much comedic firepower, it seemed impossible for it to miss. Yet it only scored 10% with critics on Rotten Tomatoes. It did fare better with the audience at 62% but that's barely a passing grade.

Netflix made a four movie deal and recently added six more. So regardless of Rotten Tomatoes or my opinion, Sandler movies will continue to be made. And I'm going to watch every one of them.