I stumbled onto a masterpiece. "God of War" is brilliant!

A review of the video game God of War

You know how they say don't judge a book by it's cover? Don't do that with video games either. Your Mom was right, it's a really bad idea. Which brings me to "God of War" 'cause this game is damn near perfect. The franchise has been around since 2005 and I have always passed it by. I have zero interest in being a muscle-headed bald guy randomly killing shit across the countryside. Turns out, I'm a judgmental dick. When we started theloftusparty.com I thought I'd review video games 'cause, you know, do something you love. So I bought the latest edition of "God of War" with mucho hesitation. But everybody was raving about it so, why not?

You guys, this game blew me away. Legit blew me away. Now the big trick for me is to gush about this sucker without ruining it for you. Let's just say this, the storyline is great. So great they should really think about a movie (I guess there's one in development but it's been stalled for years). The game play is simple yet challenging, the artwork is off the chart great, the controls are smooth like butter, and did I mention, the story? It's fantastic.

I wanna give a shout out to Santa Monica Studios. I think these guys have cracked the code. I've played a bunch of their games and they have that Pixar-like Magic. I have to think they provided "God of War" with it's emotional element as they seem to provide an emotional element to every one of their games. They made a game called "Flower" where you were literally helping flowers bloom and I'll be damned if that thing wasn't an emotional roller coaster for me, I'm not kidding. And don't get me started on Santa Monica Studios' game "Journey". No, not the band. It's a spiritual journey. It's the only spiritual video game, I think, in existence and you should pick that up. "God of War" is everything I look for in a video game experience. A fantastic blend of action, adventure and great story telling. It's truly a hero's journey. I simply can't recommend it enough.

So I've learned a lesson here. Don't judge a game by it's cover because you might regret it. Or, you might be a lucky bastard like me and get to discover all the prequels. There's a slew of "God of War" games in the franchise that I'm going to run out and buy. And yes, I intend to play them all.

P.S. I still haven't figured out a ratings scale, like five out of five stars, but for now since the Loftus Party Logo is a Flying Tiger, let's say I give "God of War, 2018" 11 out of 11 Tiger Heads. That's right bitches, my scale goes to 11.

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