I Laughed, I Cried....It Was Better Than Cats

Stacey Lennox

Okay Marvel, knock it off. This is the second superhero movie that has made me cry. And I am not a crier. The last time was when Yandu said "I'm Mary Poppins y'all". I am not going to tell you what did it this time, but I will share I got misty eyed more than once. And I found my hand over my mouth more than once. And I laughed several times. That's a quite an emotional roller coaster in two hours an twenty minutes.

As a woman of a certain age whose first superheroes were Linda Carter, Christopher Reeve and Bill Bixby/Lou Farrigno, Marvel has done an excellent job making me care about these characters. The character development hangs together even in this complex culmination that brings together so many individual storylines. They did such a good job I even ended up caring about characters I would have told you I didn't even really like.

So far I have spent about 41 hours on this franchise not counting the times I have watched a few of my favorites again. I have always consumed my comics on screen. So while I can't speak for those who have religiously read the various series, all of the abilities and powers seemed to hang together for me. I am sure Michael will pick this illusion apart for me on the podcast when he finally sees the movie sometime in June, but until then I will stick to my perception.

One of the truly fun parts of the movie were the unusual pairings that emerge as the Avengers and the rest of adjacent characters hurtle towards the confrontation with Thanos. The writers created the roller coaster that had you grinning and sitting on the edge of your seat by creating tension between characters who were unknown to one another, but had to work together against a common enemy.

Having had several conversations with other far more informed geeks than myself, nothing I have heard anyone guess based on the scenes in the trailer happened. Minor spoiler, the picture in the header isn't even in the movie. They punked you good kids. Be prepared to be surprised.

Special effects, awesome as you would expect. Sound and score was not as awesome and spot on as Thor, Ragnarok, but still very good. New costumes for Spiderman and Ironman, fantastic. Scruffy Captain America? I'll get back to you. I get the "wanted man/enemy of the state" vibe at the end of Civil War, but the evolution was a bit much for me personally.

Speaking of scruffy Captain America, the gaggle of SJW's that dominate the creative side of the Marvel franchise continue to do a terrible job of promoting their own ideals in this movie. I will continue to find this hysterical as I have in so many of these movies. Tony Stark is a rabid capitalist who believes in charity. He went full collectivist globalist in Civil War and was completely wrong about everything until the very end. Cap, big on individual responsibility and accountability was right. Don't even get me started on Black Panther.

While I don't like straight up politics in my entertainment, these movies certainly have a cultural impact. I find it funny that more libertarian and right-minded ideals seem to win the day and be evident in these heroes. It also feels very sly to be able to use Marvel's franchise as subliminal teaching moments with my kids. Infinity War provides the same opportunity.

As we know, there is a sequel to this movie. The cliff hangers go right through the traditional Marvel outtakes at the end. I am at a loss for what to expect next next, but I am sure I don't want to wait a year to find out. I am also sure after Michael sees Infinity Wars sometime around Thanksgiving, he will be able to tell you all exactly what I expect to be fixed in the sequel.

May of 2019 seems an awful long ways away.