How ‘Lady Alchemy’ Graphic Novel Punches back against SJWs

Paul Hair

Think its tough fighting the influence of modern media corporations? Its going to be even harder for superheroine Lady Alchemy in her forthcoming graphic novel.

She battles a media executive whos outright mind controlling New York City. Oh, yeah, and she takes on demonic forces as well.

Performance artist and author Martina Markota, along with artist MG, talk about the book, how shes overcome some adversity, and more in an exclusive interview with Hollywood in Toto.

Markota and MG describe Lady Alchemy as neon noir meets cyberpunk wrapped around a hot babe in an illustrated action thriller. The titular character discovers that her visions of a demonic world are real, and she must fight to free the city from a mind controlling media executive.

If Lady Alchemy sounds familiar to you thats no accident. Thats the name Markota uses as a performance artist. And theres more overlap than just the name.

There is a lot of real-life experience in the storyline she said. Its a hyperbolized version of Martinas real experience [told by way of] the double life of a superhero, MG added. . . .

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