'Hopes & Dreams' Ep. 3: 'Big Purchase' [VIDEO]

Hopes & Dreams - Ep. 03
Hopes & Dreams - Ep. 03

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Michael Loftus

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Really hope you're digging the super-short sitcom "Hopes & Dreams." It's little side project that is just meant to be short and silly. Maybe a distraction from our current situation. Kevin and I have had a blast making them.

The big challenge is to get it all in one take. When we decided to do this episode ("Big Purchase") it seemed like a really, really funny idea. However, the one take proved to be a bigger challenge than we first thought. If you EVER have the opportunity to have Kevin James tell you (sincerely) about an insane purchase he just made...I dare you to not bust out laughing. It's damn near next to impossible.

Here's hoping we'll post out-takes soon. -- The Mgmt

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Paul Hair
Paul Hair


I've watched a lot of comedy over the years. Even when something's funny I rarely actually laugh. But I am laughing at this series. The last lines before the cut to the title, and the "Are you gonna be okay, Reg?" exchange over the end titles have been great zingers which keep making me want to see the next episode. Keep it up!