Hollywood In Toto Dares To Cover Entertainment From A Different Perspective

Paul Hair

Christian Toto covers the full-spectrum of entertainment at Hollywood in Toto. The HiT website and podcast cover the big things coming out of Hollywood just like other entertainment sites do. But they also cover the smaller things you haven’t yet discovered. That’s one unique thing about HiT. What’s another one? Hollywood in Toto covers the world of entertainment without pushing the latest progressive narratives and causes.

I met Christian years ago when we both contributed to Breitbart. And I’ve kept in touch with the veteran entertainment journalist, movie critic, podcaster, and radio show co-host since then. He recently wrote a Hollywood in Toto article about, Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice, a new anthology that Dave Dubrow, Ray Zacek, and I authored. And after you read that, click through the rest of the site to read more entertainment news and reviews you won’t find elsewhere.

“HollywoodInToto.com is my passion project. It’s a site dedicated to smart Hollywood reportage from a right-of-center perspective. That’s mostly missing from a marketplace, which reflexively leans to the left,” Christian said. “I would love for people to follow my work and check out the weekly Hollywood in Toto podcast, heard on most audio platforms, including iTunes,” he added.

The website and podcast are just the latest for Christian in a long career that began with reviewing films. “I’ve always loved movies,” he said when asked how he got into the business. “My dad and I watched Abbott and Costello movies every Sunday morning back in the day. He loved films too, and it proved contagious. To be able to review films, talk to actors, and comment on Hollywood is a pleasure. I keep thinking one day I’ll wake up and be forced to find a real job.”

But the Hollywood during the years of Abbott and Costello is a far cry from the Hollywood of today. It’s even a far cry from the Hollywood of ten years ago. The industry used to be solely about producing movies and television series people wanted to watch. Now, the entertainment world is “woke,” with social justice warriors wielding immense sway and influence over it. And they’re increasingly moving it away from entertainment and into activism.

“When I began covering Hollywood I did so from a neutral perspective,” Christian said. “The industry changed over time. So did I. Now, both Hollywood and the reporters covering it are obsessed with being ‘woke’ and following PC guidelines. It’s a shame. I think the Hollywood brand has been damaged, and it may take years, if not decades, to win back some fans.”

Nevertheless, some people are still producing some quality entertainment. And Hollywood in Toto focuses on finding the good as well as the bad.

“I loved, Thank You for Your Service, the best movie no one saw last year,” Christian said when asked what his favorite movie and TV series of 2017 were. “TV wise, I dug the dark, intoxicating Ozark on Netflix. I wish I had more time to watch other streaming shows, but movie watching sucks up most of my free time.”

“For pure storytelling I think TV has trumped the theatrical experience,” he added. “I never would have said that years ago. Ongoing shows let actors really dig into their characters, and networks and streaming channels let the artists create without unnecessary input and studio notes. That makes a huge difference.”

Hollywood in Toto posts new reviews, interviews, and more on a daily basis. And that’s a lot of work for one man.

“Where do I begin about the challenges?” Christian said. “I work as often as my body will allow to keep the site updated, to market myself and the site’s mission, and to do all the other things to keep the checks coming. [But] it’s all worth it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

He doesn’t intend to relax either. “For 2018, expect a higher quality podcast, more stories digging into Hollywood (the kind other sites avoid), and more voices from the artistic community on HiT pages,” Christian said.

Christian and Hollywood in Toto are on Twitter (@HollywoodInToto) and Facebook.