Hollywood in Toto Covers the ‘Deplorable’ Comedy Rebels

The Deplorables comedy tour members rebel by being funny and rejecting Trump-bashing.

Via Christian Toto at Hollywood in Toto:

It took only one night with The Deplorables Tour for Brian Haner to learn what happens when you publicly support President Donald Trump.

Haner, a sessions musician turned comic performer, says he fielded a couple of concerning calls following his “Deplorables” debut.

Suffice to say they weren’t happy about his new gig.

“You sure you wanna do this, dude? If you’re out there [supporting Trump] I don’t think we can be using you in the studio,” Haner recalls being told.

Haner didn’t flinch.

“If I was 25 it might be more of a situation for me,” says the 50-something entertainer. “This is worth it. The more pushback you get, the more important it feels. This stuff needs to be said.”

And by “stuff” Haner means joked aimed at the half of the country belittled and ignored by every late night comic.

The Deplorables Tour features right-leaning talent like Haner, Steve McGrew, Terrence K. Williams, Michael Loftus and The Deplorables Choir. . . .

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