Here’s Who Covers The Doors’ ‘The End’ in the ‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer [VIDEO]

The group regularly produces music for Hollywood clients.

Did you like that cover of The Doors’ “The End” in the Dark Phoenix trailer that 20th Century Fox released days ago? Think Up Anger performed the music while The Filthy Souls provided the vocals. And this isn’t the first time Think Up Anger provided movie trailer music. The group promotes itself as being “creators of ‘Cinematic Music With An Edge’.”

The above featured video comes straight from Think Up Anger’s YouTube channel. The “About” section of the channel has this to say about TUA:

> Their music has been featured in many TV/Film campaigns including Stranger Things 2, The Handmaids Tale [sic], War For The Planet Of The Apes, Mission Impossible 5, The Gallows, Lights Out and many more.

It also says that “Paramount, Warner Bros Entertainment, Universal Pictures, FOX, Netflix, Amazon, ABC, and Lionsgate” are among TUA’s clients.

What do you think of the cover of “The End” (or at least a portion of the song) now that you hear it separate from the Dark Phoenix trailer. Feel free to let The Loftus Party know in the comments section below.