Here Be Dragons . . . & Vikings: ‘The Legend of Eydis’

Paul Hair

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Author C. S. Johnson combines a bit of history and a bit of fantasy, weaving together Vikings and dragons in her latest novel, The Legend of Eydis. The book debuts on March 31 and she provided The Loftus Party with details about it and what inspired her to write it.

Full disclosure: Johnson and I contributed to the latest Appalling Stories anthology.

And now, here is what she had to say about her new novel.

I am just releasing it to Amazon for the first three months, but the book will be on other retailers in the future. Here is the Universal Link.

The Legend of Eydis is centered on two main characters, Bjorn Kyvansson and Arja Freydottir, who are both plagued with guilt over the death of Bjorn’s older brother, Sterlig. He died in an attempt to slay the legendary dragon on the enchanted island of Eydis, a quest he took to prove his love for Arja. When their nightmares threaten the lives of Arja’s brothers, Arja and Bjorn set out for Eydis together to make things right. But just like the truth about Sterlig’s death, the legend of Eydis and its mysterious princess is often full of missing pieces and lies. If they are going to survive, Bjorn and Arja will have to confront the truth about their feelings and about their secrets.

The story is inspired by Icelandic and Viking lore, but also a mix of history, with the Christianization of the Norse lands taking place in the 1100s, and my own true love story with my husband. When we were married, we went to Iceland on our honeymoon, and while there were no dragons to slay or dark secrets to uncover, we hunted for trolls, chased auroras, and learned many folk tales and historic accounts of the nation.

I was moved to write it because of my love for my husband, and I thought it was a clever story idea. (I have a hard time resisting both of those, haha!)

There is a prequel novella, Eydis: The Island of the Dragon Bride.

So pick up The Legend of Eydis and Eydis: The Island of the Dragon Bride. And don’t forget to leave reviews at Amazon!

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