Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are out as Superman and Batman. That's good.

Michael Loftus

So Superman and Batman have hung up their capes. This week we saw Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, reportedly stepping away from their iconic roles. Good for them! Now there's always a chance that this is a contract negotiation, and I wouldn't blame them. Not one bit. But a part of me wants these guys to just walk away. Don't get it twisted, I have NO beef with these two actors. ZERO. Cavill is a fantastic Superman and I'll be damned if Affleck wasn't a high quality Batman. The problem is this: The Movies they were in sucked. Bigly. Henry and Ben weren't the problem. The scripts were the problem.

I'm upset with D.C and Warner Bros. not treating these characters with the basic respect they deserve. Both of these guys stepped into big budget movies that were flawed from jump street. When you don't have a solid foundation? The house is gonna suck. I could go on and on about the mistreatment of ol' Supes and Bats. Batman doesn't kill people. (But he wants to kill Superman..WTF?) Superman feeling he doesn't fit into America...WTF? The dude LITERALLY fights for Truth, Justice and the American WAY!! (They took that last part out too) Seriously, I could go on for days, but that's boring. Lets just say, the writers and producers got the basic character dynamics wrong. And that's a losing recipe.

America and the World know these characters and they love them too. All you have to do is NOT change them! Take Wonder Woman for example. That movie worked because they didn't change who Wonder Woman is. This isn't Rocket science. Its a movie! And whether you're a big time fan or not, you know when something rings false. And Batman and Superman were false as hell. Everyone knows it. Except for the people in charge of the franchise, evidently. Justice League cost roughly 300 million and made about 650 million. Not bad, right? Compare that to Avengers Infinity War that was made by people that LOVE Superheroes. The budget on Infinity War? 350 million. The Gross? 2 Billion! People like it when you stay true to the source material.

So if you're an actor, and you run the risk of being typecast as the hero you portrayed onscreen, you better hope those are good movies. Cause it might be the only work you can get in the future. And the future is bleak as fuck for Justice League. So get out Henry and Ben. You can still have great careers! We ain't mad at ya!

Now here's the good news: Warner Bros and DC will have to rethink EVERYTHING. That means they have another chance to get it right. Will they? Probably not. I imagine they'll blame a "changing marketplace" and a need for more "Woman-centric films" And that's a load of crap. We just want good story telling. And a good representation of the characters we already know and love! So best of luck to Henry and Ben. And if they screw up Wonder Woman in the sequel? I hope Gal Gadot joins you on the sidelines. All of you deserve much, much better.