Hans Solo Stand Alone Gets A Name

I am torn between can't wait excitement and dread about this film. It has to be good.

Up until today, the movie that will reveal the young Han Solo, before he ran into the Skywalkers, did not have a name. Now we can all refer to it as Solo: A Star Wars Story. Am I the only one not impressed?

I'll be honest, Han Solo as played by Harrison Ford is without a doubt my favorite Star Wars character. Has been since A New Hope hit HBO sometime in the early '80's and my brother and I watched mesmerised at least once a day until we could recite nearly every line.

So far I could see Alden Ehrenreich playing the young Han. He's got the look. Smoldering stare and a smirk. Reports were the original directors weren't too happy with his performance, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. Following in the shoes of Ford playing either of his iconic characters, Han Solo or Indiana Jones, has got to be somewhat daunting.

The production team has been pretty tight lipped about the plot, with a few slips due to casting and deliberate placement. What seem to be confirmed rumors are that the early relationship between Lando Calrissian and Han Solo will be explored as well as how the bromance with Chewie started. All good stuff, along with how he became a somewhat self-centered jerk until he ran into Leia. A lovable jerk. What made the character and character development so awesome in the original trilogy.

I have high hopes for the backstory that produced a character that was such a lovable rogue, and it would seem to me they could have come up with a better title. It's just boring and not at all emblematic of such a terrific character. I completely admit my bias. A better tile for the Han Solo movie would have actually been Rogue One, since he was the only rogue in the first trilogy. But alas, that was already taken. Even something that gave a hint at the plot, location, something!

I guess we'll just have to wait for the rumored teaser trailer that is circulating with the production crew to find out more. And I will just live with the fact the graphic has been made and the lackluster title is final.