Guerilla Authors: Henry Brown Interviews Paul Hair, Part 4

Paul Hair

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Henry Brown concludes his exciting interview with me in part 4, available now at Virtual Pulp. In it, we focus on my work as a fiction author and talk a little bit about a few other things.

This is my favorite part of the interview because it focuses on the books and stories I have published, and the ones I’m writing or planning to write. So I hope you enjoy it.

As far as the image at the top of this page goes, that’s a portion of a professional illustration of a design I created for an early prototype of the character who would eventually become Victoria White. By “prototype,” I mean I abandoned this look for a more practical one (along with some other changes). But I still like what you see. Just a great design and a great execution by artist José Cano.

Victoria appeared in some of the earlier Mortal Gods tales I wrote, including in a minor role in “The White Supremacists,” which I published at Virtual Pulp, and as the protagonist in “Get ‘Em on the Kill List,” which I published here at The Loftus Party. She should figure much more prominently in future tales. In fact, she probably will become the central figure in the Mortal Gods universe.

So click over to Virtual Pulp and read part 4 of Henry Brown’s interview of me. Parts 1, 2, and 3 are available as well.

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Top Image: Artwork by José Cano, 2010. © Paul Hair.

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