Guerilla Authors: Henry Brown Interviews Paul Hair, Part 1

Paul Hair

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Author Henry Brown runs the Virtual Pulp website, which focuses on fiction and culture. I contribute to it, mostly with free short stories that normally run between 1,000 and 2,000 words. Henry recently conducted an interview with me about my life and beliefs, my thoughts on culture, and the fiction I write. Part 1 of it is up now. As far as I can recall, this is the most open I’ve ever been about my beliefs and personal life in a public setting.

Here’s a snippet of it to whet your whistle, with a link to the full interview at Virtual Pulp. And don’t forget to buy my books at Amazon!


. . . HANK: Let’s start at the beginning: childhood, formative years…what were the most important influences on you, looking back? What did you like to read? Why did you like to read?

PAUL: I was born and raised in a rural life. Like any kid, I didn’t realize the full extent of my childhood until I was an adult. So I didn’t realize how rural my life was until I grew up. As a child, I knew I was “country,” but I didn’t realize how much so. For instance, I thought going to the Big City was going to a small city that was 15 miles away. (And it was something we rarely did, so much so that it was at times viewed as a vacation.) The city (then and now) doesn’t even have any true skyscrapers. It’s small geographically and by population too. Less than 50,000 people to this day, I believe.

On top of this, my family didn’t have any next-door neighbors. The closest neighbors were a tenth of a mile or so away. No neighbors across the road (just thick woods) and no neighbors behind us (a gigantic farmer’s field). And then there was a buffer of field and woods on both sides of the family property. . . .

Visit Virtual Pulp to read the entire interview.

Top Image: © Paul Hair.

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