Gorgeous Leslie Birkland Rocks Instagram with these Stylish Photos!

Paul Hair

Leslie Birkland was part of the sold-out audience for The Deplorables show in Brea, Calif. last week. The TV hostess and lifestyle expert tweeted about how much she loved it. Here’s a quick look at what she had to say about the opening night of the comedy tour. And after that, we have some of the stylish photos of her from her Instagram account!

“Love the @DeplorableChoir,” Birkland wrote on Twitter about the Jan. 23 comedy show.

“Incredible show. Laughed so hard my face hurt,” she added a day later.

Birkland describes herself as a “former almost-supermodel” on her Twitter account. And we can believe it. Here are just five of the many beautiful photos we found on her Instagram account!

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Header image excerpt of photo from Leslie Birkland’s Instagram account.