‘Good Writing Is Like Good Sex’ Latest Book from Author C. S. Johnson

Paul Hair

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Author C. S. Johnson continues putting out novels and other fiction, but she’s also writing nonfiction. And her latest work, Good Writing Is Like Good Sex, combines the two, offering a nonfiction guide that shows authors how to write fiction.

Regular visitors to The Loftus Party are familiar with Johnson’s fiction work, including Night of Blood and Beauty, her newest novella set in the universe of The Order of the Crystal Daggers series. But while we’ve mentioned Should I Go to College? What about Student Loan Debt? we haven’t covered any other nonfiction by her. And that’s because Good Writing Is Like Good Sex is only her second such book.

Here’s an excerpt from it. She gave fans a sneak peek at it by way of her email newsletter (scroll to the bottom of her homepage if you want to sign up for it).

. . . Understanding tension and conflict, and how they relate to your characters, can add significant appeal to your story.

What’s the Difference?

There is a difference between tension and conflict. Tension is something I would compare to potential energy. It is the womb that only needs a spark to birth any number of possibilities. If you’re like my future self will likely be, it’s that moment when your teenager drives and your fingers dig into your armrests, wondering if you’ll both survive the trip. . . .

Sales are off to a good start too. Again, via her newsletter:

. . . but this one was a little bit of a surprise when I saw the # 1 New Release flag Amazon awards to the books that get a lot of interest in their first couple of weeks on the market.

Head to Amazon if you’re interested in Good Writing Is Like Good Sex. It’s available in paperback and as an eBook.

On a final note, the book is subtitled, “Sort of Sexy Thoughts on Writing.” When I read that, I couldn’t help but think of the following video clip.

Top Image: Excerpt of ‘Good Writing Is Like Good Sex’ book cover.

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