Stacey Lennox

The Punisher (swoons) was the anti-hero introduced in the Daredevil series. John Bernthal makes the perfect personification of the inner conflict experienced by the character and hearing a little Metallica in the background makes me smile.

The trailer tells us we will be learning the backstory of this complex character and the roots of his inner turmoil. We already know from his turn in Daredevil that his family was killed because of something he either knew or did. We also see Karen Page, the legal assistant turned reporter, reappaears in this series and is that a hint of romance? Why I think so. She was kind of obsessed with him.

This series looks to be highly produced, raw and full of action. Look for The Punisher to invade your stream November 17th. This will be head to head with the release ofJustice League at the box office. So what will you do? Stay in, snuggle under a blanket & binge watch some Frank Castle or carry yourself to the theater in the chilly fall air for overpriced popcorn? Interesting move Netflix. Very interesting.