Get off my Red Letter Media!

Mike and Jay are becoming the grumpy old men of movie reviews.

I love Mike and Jay and their world-weary takes on movie franchises and formulaic story lines. It speaks to me; a 52 years old who grew up with Star Trek TOS and Ghostbusters in a world before reboots.

Mike Stoklasa who is roughly 37 and has a background in film production has the technical know-how of what goes into movies. So his sadness at the state of the industry is more than understandable.

Watching their latest which looks at the trailers released at Comic Con, Mike twice jokes about being an old guy. I sincerely wonder if the Red Letter Media team is getting tired of their work.

I certainly hope not. I feel as if I'm their demographic and I watch "Half in The Bag", "re-View" and "Best of the Worst" faithfully. Their videos earn over half a million views with plenty of witty, engaged commenters.