'Game of Thrones' Author Says Books & TV Show Endings Might Be Different. GOOD!

Michael Loftus

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Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin recently gave an interview with Entertainment Weekly where he said something that anyone who writes already knew: "There may be important discrepancies.”

Of COURSE there will be! In fact, I'm hoping for it.

No one knows the characters better than the author. George is the final authority.

You can hand a project over to people who truly care and give great thought to what may happen next or how certain people would react, but its only a guess. Even if they are working off an outline written by George R. R. himself!

Outlines and final drafts are vastly different. When you are really down in the trenches with characters, creating the world, making decisions, you plan out a shit ton of different scenarios. And many times the thing you think of at 2 a.m. is insanely better and more interesting than what you put in the outline. It's the creative process.

I'm not shitting on the HBO show at all. The showrunners have done a fantastic job bringing the world of Thrones to life.

However, as a fan of the books, I already saw big changes last season. As soon as they started working off an outline? You could tell.

We're not really watching Game of Thrones anymore. We're watching an echo.

For me, it's the same as watching the George Lucas Star Wars films and comparing them to the new Disney movies. It's familiar, but very, very different.

I'm looking forward to the final season on HBO. It'll be a thrill ride. The showrunners, up against a very hard deadline, will have made their decisions. I'll watch and hopefully thoroughly enjoy it.

But then? The book will come out (deadlines be damned) and the real joy will begin. The dude who started it all, the dude who KNOWS what happens, will tell us how it all really went down.

For me, that's the only story that counts. Everything else is just an echo.

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Comments (2)

I haven't really watched Game Of Thrones until recently. I had a hard time separating Games Of Thrones from George R.R. Martins politics. I guess if I can separate politics from a show like I did True Blood(And they made digs at conservatives) well I guess I could give G.O.T. a chance.