Fun Bible Studies for Creative Folks

Lisa Tate

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Keeping those muscles strong during times of “social distancing” is vital to staying sane and healthy.

This includes our physical muscles as well as, our mental "muscles" and for those of us whose places of worship are cutting back to online services, we need to keep our faith strong.

Since this very weird time has hit during Lent, this is also an ideal time to get a little more “Bible learnin’” in, as my Grandma use to say.


Normally, I would agree with this. In my growing up, reading Bible studies or listening to lectures ranged from the "old scolders" who drone on about why we need to repent, or the sugar-sweet sappy women with their over-the-top Southern accents and touchy-feely Christian love fests. (I'm a Texas, by the way, so I'm not slamming anyone's accent).

Lately, however, I’ve discovered there are some pretty interesting Bible studies and faith-focused series that we can stay awake though and thoroughly enjoy, without losing the focus on faith.

The ZOPium Den: House of the Anti-Fuddy Bible Study

Is there anything Alfonzo Rachel can’t do? From being drummer for the hard-rocking 20 lb Sledge, to his social and political commentary from “The Zo Loft,” to acting (Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer), writing (A Solid Right Cross), and masterminding his own "sci fi sword" design and more.

His Bible Commentaries are presented with the same enthusiasm he does everything else, and challenges viewers to think outside their comfort zone. Here’s one of his latest, discussing Exodus 28:


My brother-in-law, a graphic artist, turned us on to the incredibly talented people from this nonprofit animation studio that creates videos based on The Bible. It is completely free (although donations are happily welcome), and features a variety of animation styles from independent artists. The tone makes things really easy to understand without being patronizing. It also confirms my belief there are some amazingly talented artists out there beyond the mainstream.

Here, they put New Testament Letters in historical context:

Geeky Bible Studies from Geeks Under Grace

Geeks Under Grace is a pop culture site showing how to safely enjoy and consume what pop culture has to offer from a Christian worldview. There are plenty of movie, game, music, and comic reviews, as well as a regular podcast. The site offers downloadable Bible studies based on Christian values that can be found in current movies and shows, and they keep it pretty current. Some of their latest focus on Pixar’s Onward and Birds of Prey.

These are good discussions for anywhere from 2 to 15 people (great for FaceTime or Skype discussion topics, too). You can download their study on Joker (discussing “Purpose and Connection”) on their website.

While we’re unable to get out and get together, it is important to keep your faith strong…but that certainly doesn’t mean keeping it boring.

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