From 'Appalling Stories 2' contributor AJ Powers: 'Delphi…

Paul Hair

From 'Appalling Stories 2' contributor AJ Powers: 'Delphi Initiative' -- A Military Thriller: A Tommy Donovan Novel, Book 2 -- by W. J. Lundy & AJ Powers (Narrated by Andrew B. Wehrlen) -- "From USA Today best-selling author of The Soldier Series comes a new hero...

A conspiracy exists deep within the cogs of the United States political system. Long thought to be no more than a convenient rumor, unabashed proof has been released to the wrong people.

Tommy Donovan, a retired and disavowed special operator, has all but vanished, taking himself off the national radar and away from social contact.

But when terrorist attacks ignite across the United States, Tommy, personally impacted by the devastation, reluctantly agrees to rejoin the fray as a member of a special task force charged with finding and destroying those behind the attacks.

He quickly discovers the fight isn’t against America’s enemies.... This time, America is at war with itself.

The Delphi Initiative strikes hard and fast at a shadow government fully willing to destroy America to preserve the power of the elite."