Four Marvel Titles That Could Be Great for Netflix

Lisa Tate

Last week Netflix issued a couple of Marvel series a supercharged blow not even unbreakable skin could stop, as both Iron Fist and Luke Cage were cancelled before their third season.

Fans aren’t surprised with the decision on Iron Fist, as many audiences had a hard time connecting with Finn Jones in the part. Mike Colter, on the other hand, was a fantastic Luke Cage, but the first half of both series seemed to movie a little sloggy before the action really picked up. I can see where some viewers may not want to stick it out until the end.

However, Jones mentioned in his own Instagram “with every end is a new beginning,” there might be more in store for the characters, with or without their own series. A second season of Defenders is still a possibility, after all.

For me, these cancellations aren’t all bad, as they leave room for other Marvel series, taking advantage of the strong points of Iron Fist and Luck Cage, as well as bringing in even more characters. Series I would like to see include:

Power Man and Iron Fist: Heroes for Hire

The one episode from both these series was from the second season of Luke Cage with the Danny Rand appearance. This showed what both these actors and characters could do when put in the right situation. Luke Cage and Danny Rand had been a great team-up in the Power Man and Iron Fist series starting in the 1970s. Putting both these guys together in their long-loved “Heroes for Hire” scenarios seems only natural.

Daughters of the Dragon

It has been pretty obvious since the first season of Iron Fist Colleen Wing and Misty Knight were forming their own girl-powered super team. They’ve actually been around since 2006, working together as bounty hunters. There could be plenty of adventures now, since Wing has Iron Fist power (something new for the television series). Plus, these two have teamed up with the Heroes for Hire, so it is a perfect way to bring the boys back into the fold.

Moon Knight

From the rumors to wishful thinking, fans have been hoping to see this character joining the gritty group of Marvel’s Netflix series. Some (including myself) were even hoping there would be a reference to or appearance of the Mark Spector (Moon Knight) in the Iron Fist second season. Didn’t happen, which is a shame. Not only is he skilled in the Martial arts and modern forms of combat, he’s telepathic, and an expert detective. Oh yeah, and he’s barking mad. Marvel would do well to give this one a go. However, this character needs some careful casting consideration, because Spector has quite the cult following.

Master of Kung Fu

Let’s expand beyond the characters already seen in the series, and work with one who is often overlooked, Shang-Chi, aka Master of Kung Fu. He not only has mad martial arts skills, he’s an accomplished spy. What was the best part of Iron Fist? When "everybody was Kung Fu fighting.” What was the best part of Luke Cage? When he was kicking some bad guy butt. Shag-Chi can do that with flair. Plus (depending on the story arc) he has teamed up with Iron First, been part of Daughters of the Dragon’s team, and even worked with Daredevil to capture Punisher. He’s able and ready to be worked into one of the existing series, or have his own. What are we waiting for?

Even without a third series of Iron Fist and Luke Cage, these two could have plenty more to add to the Marvel Netflix series, as well as a universe of other characters waiting to fight the good fight.

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